A different model

With You Midwifery empowers, supports and cares for you in a unique,
woman-centered model of pregnancy care on the Mornington Peninsula.
We’re with you all the way.

Receive private, one-on-one Midwife continuity of care from the moment you are pregnant until your baby is six weeks old.
Replacing or working with the traditional GP or Obstetric models of pregnancy care, private Midwife care allows extra time, care and attention
for you and your baby. With a warm clinic environment or in-home care, your Midwife is available to you whenever you need her.

With You Midwifery have made it their mission to be available, to listen, to encourage and to have faith in your body, even when you don’t.

Why we exist

With You Midwifery was setup for women to experience a different model of pregnancy care. Taking cues from the highly successful Queensland and
international Midwifery pregnancy care models, With You Midwifery believes a woman can receive better and more attentive care from the expertise of a Midwife who is trained in the normal and natural.

Benefits of Midwife Care

The benefits to the mother and the baby starts with personal relationships
and ends with better birth outcomes and tailored in-home support.

Continuity of carer

See one practitioner to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with your Midwife who’s trained in the normal, natural and everyday.

Education from one person

Feel more positive, confident and ready after education, information, tips and advice from one in-the-field care provider.

More time

Shorter wait times with longer appointments allow for questions, education and debriefing in a comfortable in-home or in-clinic setting.

Better prepared

You will be better prepared, therefore calmer, for labour and birthing, and settle into Motherhood easier with your Midwife’s on-call expertise and support.

You are more likely to…
  • have a normal birth;
  • have a more positive labour and birth;
  • be satisfied with your maternity care; and
  • successfully breastfeed your baby.
Your baby is more likely to…
  • be born at term;
  • be born healthy;
  • receive skin-to-skin contact early; and
  • bond better with you.
With You Midwifery

My journey

If you align with With You Midwifery’s mission, then your journey starts with a referral from your GP. See the following chart to see the With You Midwifery journey in more detail. It’s easy to see why it’s the best choice for you and your baby.

Download chart

Meet your Midwife

Penelope Watson will be your dedicated Midwife throughout your With You Midwifery journey.
Her unique experience in both the private and public sectors and the Know Your Midwife clinic has set a passion
within to provide the highest level of personalised pregnancy care. Her extra education to become an Eligible Midwife
means Pene can be your primary care provider in the same way the GP or Obstetric models can.


Penelope Watson

Eligible Midwife

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