WithYou Talks

Journey from Womanhood to Motherhood with WithYou Talks! WithYou Talks is a series for women (and men!) on the Mornington Peninsula who are on the transformational journey from womanhood...

My breastfeeding journey

3 babies, 3 different journeys! When we, as health professionals, say to you “every pregnancy will be different, every birth will be different, every baby will be different, every breastfeeding

The first week

You’ve done it! You’ve given birth to your baby! After many, many months waiting and preparing, your baby has finally arrived safely into your arms and is now being cuddled

Friday Magic

Some days, my work as a Midwife is just magical and it blows my mind. There are days when I am tired, disheartened and not really too sure why I

To our community

COVID-19 Response The current pandemic crisis has caused many of us to reconsider how we are providing our care as medical practitioners to ensure we are all kept safe by

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