Make a booking

To make a booking for a bulk-billed 30min call with your Midwife, use the booking link below. For all other bookings, please contact Penny Watson directly on 0425 705 316 or

Questions or Сoncerns?

Where do I get started?

You can schedule a pre-booking bulk billed consultation to ask all your questions before making a decision to see if this is a good fit for what you need. Just click on the “Book Now” button on the website.

WWhat are the different types of care you offer?

I offer continuity of pregnancy care, including antenatal, birth support, postnatal and in-home lactation support. Have all your pregnancy care visits with us at our clinic in Mt Eliza instead of the GP or hospital.

What are the steps to book-in with you?

You will need to see your GP first to get a referral to your choice of care provider. If you have done some research and know what type of care you want and where you want to give birth, you will be able to let your GP know.

Do you recommend shared care with OB?

If this is your first pregnancy, you don’t have any significant medical history, or significant family history then you will be considered low risk and will be suitable for Midwife Led pregnancy care.

When should I make my first appointment if I want to see you for pregnancy care?

I would normally aim to see you for a booking appointment around the 12-week mark. You will need a written referral from your GP to enable you to receive the relevant Medicare rebates.

Will I also need to see a Doctor to have my blood tests and ultrasounds ordered?

No. Your midwife has the capability to order all your routine blood tests and ultrasounds. She will discuss results with you and if there is any concern she will consult with the Obstetric team at the hospital where you are booked to give birth to your baby.