I want Midwife care

I was a fairly junior Midwife when I had my second baby and I didn’t really understand the real benefit of having care provided by a Midwife – during both my pregnancy and post birth.

I feel now, thinking back, if I had seen a Midwife for pregnancy care, I may have gone into labour with much more confidence and the self-belief I could give birth to my daughter. I may have trusted my body more than I did and maybe my labour would have progressed a little more smoothly than it did. Instead I was apprehensive, had little faith and did not trust my body. 

When I went home from hospital with my baby daughter I was not given the option of ongoing care and support from a known Midwife carer. If I had, I strongly feel the challenging time adjusting to motherhood, recovering from a C-section and caring for a newborn would have been more enjoyable. I may have been less anxious and apprehensive about what I was doing if I had a caring, supportive Midwife visit me at home during these difficult and emotional times.

Over the many years I have now been a Midwife, I have seen how support and continuity of care from a known Midwife is hugely beneficial to many women. Your Midwife gets to know you and your family and will be able to tailor your care to your personal situation – you won’t have to retell your story to a different carer each time you attend an appointment. Once at home, your Midwife will already know you and understand the help and care you need so you can enjoy bonding with your new baby. This home support and ongoing care is important so you can concentrate on recovering from your labour and birth, have the opportunity to debrief, have a positive start to your breastfeeding experience, have all your questions answered and any anxieties put at ease.

I know this makes a difference.

Pen x

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