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Penelope Watson

I am the founding Midwife of With You Midwifery.

I have been a practicing Midwife for 19 years. During my 13 years at Box Hill Hospital, I worked within a continuity of care program, Know Your Midwife, as a primary care provider of five women per month. I provided antenatal, birthing and postnatal midwifery care and education to women, their families and babies. Being on-call 24 hours a day for five days a week to take calls from women or attend the hospital for labour and birth care, I worked in collaboration with obstetric staff to provide best standard practice. The women felt involved in their care, issues were followed through, but most importantly I was able to build a rapport and develop trusting relationships through continuity of care.

For the last five years, I have been working within the award winning maternity unit at The Bays Hospital in Mornington.

After furthering my qualifications with the Graduate Certificate in Midwifery, provided by Flinders University SA, I am passionate about providing a more holistic level of care to women in the community. Achieving this endorsement to my qualification has allowed me to renew my passion for providing continuity of care. I believe by caring and working with you during your pregnancy, you will build your confidence and will be empowered to enter the last stages of your pregnancy with confidence in your body. I look forward to giving you ongoing care and support after the birth of your baby once you are home.


Eligible Midwife
Registered Midwife
Registered Nurse

Mother of three daughters

Breastfeeding assessment
Growth & development
Pregnancy nutrition
Prescriptions, tests, investigations

My Philosophy

As the definition of Midwife states, ‘with woman’, I strongly agree my role is to work beside and with you
to achieve a positive outcome for both you and your baby.

I believe…

his is your journey, not mine.

t is essential to recognise what you feel are positive or negative expectations of the experience which may differ from mine.

n listening to your story – about you; your history; previous birth experiences; your friend’s stories; your mother’s story; your partner’s story.

n providing comprehensive relevant information and education so you can make informed decisions for both you and your baby.

eminding you of the normal process your body will endure and reminding you that you will be able to do this – even when you think you will not and cannot.

ou should never be forced into making decisions you are not comfortable with.

llowing extra time to take in information from other health professionals if this is required.

ou should be offered continuity of care – whether this is by one carer or a group of carers working toward the same goal.

ffering a holistic experience that is socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually and culturally sensitive.

nsuring you are regarded as an individual with unique pregnancy, birthing and new mother ideals.

My Passions

Vaginal birth
Water birth
Low induction rates
Early Skin-to-Skin

My thoughts

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