On Saturday 14th November I attended the inaugural SoarCon – Women in Business Conference.

Organised by Soar Collective, a local networking group, and held in the beautiful grounds of Pepper’s Moonah Links Estate, Fingal, we were treated to an amazing day full of inspiration, positiveness and helpful business tips by some wonderfully strong and empowering women.

None of the women who spoke and presented their story have had an easy road and haven’t just become overnight business magnates. They have all had trials and tribulations, up’s and downs, success and failures. They have all had to pick themselves up at some point in their lives and start again, or find a different angle to pitch their business ideas from.

Some key business tips from the day include:

  • Identify YOUR point of difference “in order to be irreplaceable, what makes you stand out and why would a customer/client choose you/your business?”
  • Take action fast
  • By keeping your key words and phrases short and simple, you can ensure a clear and succinct message is delivered.
  • Attitude is much more important than skill – you can always teach skill
  • Give yourself permission to be YOU!
  • Use your values as building blocks
  • Challenge your thinking – how does the thought make you feel?
  • Make friends with FEAR – fear is just adrenalin, what is the fear really telling you?
  • Remember your WHY
  • Do not let the stress overwhelm you, own it – own where you are and where your want to go
  • Have FUN with it
  • Set aside time to regularly review and track.
  • Make time to make plans!
  • Success is not an accident
  • Learn resilience!

The women attending the conference were all from varied backgrounds and were involved in all kinds of businesses.  From jewellery making, home wares design, careers counselling, meal preparation, exercise & fitness and educational tools to ME – With You Midwifery providing continuity of midwifery care the whole way through!

Watching and listening to these women speak about themselves and their businesses have showed me how to be more confident when speaking about my own business.  For women to have confidence in me, I need to confidence in MYSELF!

“Change and evolve your business to be ahead of the others.”


Pen x


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